Consortium Members and Subcontrators

CATIE Consortium – Board Members

Prof. Dr. Rainer Seitz (PEI, Germany)
Prof. Dr. Giuliano Grazzini (CNS, Italy)
Dr. Fewzi Teskrat (ansm, France)
Dr. Margarida Amil (IPST, Portugal)
Dr. Elena Moro (MSPSI, Spain)
Mrs. Frances Delaney (Advisor, Luxembourg)
Prof. Dr. Christian Seidl (BSDBH), Germany (Coordinator)


CATIE Consortium Trainers and Technical Experts:

Trainer team from competent authority
Dr. Fewzi Teskrat (ansm, France)
Dr. Helga Huber (PEI, Germany)
Dr. Margarethe Heiden (PEI, Germany)
Dr. Margarida Amil (IPST, Portugal)
Dr. Simonetta Pupella (CNS, Italy)

Technical experts assisting the trainer-team (Subcontractors)
Prof. Dr. Christian Seidl (BSDBH, Germany)
Dr. Alex Aquilina (MBTS, Malta)
Dr. Jan Peter Jansen van Galen (Sanquin, The Netherlands)
Mr. Boudewijn Hinloopen, BEd (Sanquin, The Netherlands)
Dr. Jose Manuel Cardenas (MSPSI/CVTB, Spain)
Dr. Klara Baroti-Toth, (OVSz, Hungary)

Affiliated Partnes/Organisations (Subcontractors)
Agency for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices (JAZMP), Slovenia
Prof. Dr. Erhard Seifried, CEO BSDBH, Blood expert to the WHO
Prof. Dr. Philippe Vandekerckhove, CEO HBRK, Blood expert ISBT
Dr. Jeroen de Wit, CEO Sanquin, President European Blood Alliance (EBA)
Dr. Fewzi Teskrat, ansm, co-chairman of PIC/S on blood and tissues and cells