Pre-registration (workshops)

The first CATIE training course for inspectors of blood and blood establishments successfully concluded in late August in Budapest.  This course was the first of three courses scheduled to be convened by the CATIE Consortium under a contract with the European Commission.  We are pleased to inform you that applications are still being accepted for participation in a future course.

Final selection of trainees is carried out by the European Commission (DG Sanco/ EAHC).

Training costs (travel and subsistence) are covered by the European Commission funding granted to the CATIE Consortium.

The following CATIE training courses are forseen:
blue Dot2nd CATIE Training course (MSPSI, CVTB, Spain).  Spanish Ministry of Health (MSPSI) in cooperation with the Blood Transfusion Service in Bilbao (CVTB).
Meeting location: Bilbao March 4 - 8, 2013
blue Dot3rd CATIE Training course. Hosted by the Maltese Government.
Meeting location: Malta 29. April - 03. May 2013
blue Dot4th CATIE Training course (CNS, IBTS, Italy): Centro Nazionale Sangue (CNS) in cooperation with Rome’s Italian Blood Transfusion Service (IBTS). Meeting location: Rome June 18 - 21, 2013

For pre-registration please fill in the contact details (below) or use the General Application / Pre-registration Form and the Europass Language Passport enclosed and mail these two forms to

Invitation to the courses including access to distance learning material will be given by the CATIE office according to the selection criteria by DG Sanco.


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General Application / Pre-registration Form

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